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2 MOU between Lemon healthcare and Genforyou 20-07-29

Mobile healthcare startup Lemon Healthcare announced on the 25th that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with blockchain-based healthcare company Genforyou to expand its service to an app-based total healthcare platform.

(From left) Im Song-g CEO of Genforyou, and Byungjin Hong, Lemon Healthcare CEO, are taking commemorative photos after signing a business agreement.
Through this cooperation, Lemon Healthcare will link Genforyou's blockchain-based total healthcare platform to its services.

Specifically, ▲Total healthcare platform based on apps ▲ Blockchain-based personal health data and personal genetic testing service ▲ Health coaching program based on personal customized health analysis results ▲ Nutrient and customized diet therapy are applied. Through this, the company plans to strengthen its competitiveness as a personalized total healthcare platform based on smartphones.

Genforyou plans to increase the utilization of its healthcare platform through linkage with Lemon Healthcare service, which has secured a network centered around 60 general hospitals in Korea.

By Kim Yeon-ji, staff reporter [email protected]


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About Gen For You


⯈ Introduction ( ) 

Built on permission-based Hyperledger Fabric, the GenForYou platform (Health Chain) gives users control over which data they share with others. For each item of medical data that is recorded on GenForYou’s (GFY’s) distributed ledger, users can authorize varying access levels to different entities, at their discretion. 

The GFY App will enable users to control all their health information in a single application, readily access healthcare services, and freely share or even sell their information to cooperating medical institutions and laboratories. GenForYou THE Token(GFY, GFYTT) that powers the entire GenForYou Ecosystem, will incentivize users’ participation, and their accumulated health data on the GenForYou Health Chain will encourage various players in the healthcare industries to join the GenForYou Ecosystem.


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